Eye Crust (part II)

In case you were wondering, yes, it was pink eye. "Dr. Ma Mere" was wrong. No worries. She's been my personal physician all of my life. She comes cheap (free) and she's okay when I tell her that her diagnosis was wrong. She didn't offer to make peanut butter cookies for me but I can't complain because she made me my very own sweet potato pie for Thanksgiving.

I woke up with super runny eyes Monday. Honestly, I couldn't see when I woke up. I won't go into specifics by my eyes were so crusted over it was ridiculous (ok, so I went into specifics). I called my doctor (I LURVE my medical plan!) and got it confirmed... "conjunctivitis". After 5 days of drops three times a day, my eyeballs are crystal clear with minimal eye boogers. Thank goodness.

Because I had gookie gook in my eyes for the first three days, I didn't feel like typing (which was ok because my eyeballs hurt too much to type anyway. But now I'm all better and in search of something super fascinating to talk to you about (even though eye boogers sounds fascinating to some).

I have become more aware of my hands near my eyes. I use tissue to wipe my eyes (never, never my finger or hand) and I sanitize a lot. Hey, my eyes are important. I have to take care of them. AND I have to buy new eyeliner. Doesn't sound too bad huh? Well, I keep an average of 5 eyeliners handy! 1 at work, 1 in my purse and 3 of different colors in the bathroom. I have to dump them all! I sure hope my brand of eye makeup is on sale tomorrow!

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