Mommie Got a Life! (For Four Hours)

I know, I know. I've been a total slacker. I was afraid this very thing would happen when I started blogging again. I often have tons of wonderfully funny stories and adventures for my 7 fans. What have I done for you in the past few days? Nada. Complete and utter blank page.

But now I have something fun to talk about! Last Friday after work, I had a life (for about 4 hours). A few of the girls and I went to the Shecky's Girls Night Out event! It was great! Lots of fun, a bit crowded but everyone was super nice (perhaps because the alcohol was flowing).

There were lots of pretty purses and clothes and wonderful candles and bath fizzies. More bling (costume only) than I have EVER seen. There were lots of goodies to sample and lots of things to add to my Christmas wish list (the list that I left under Mr. Vampiro's pillow). And such a nice goodie bag filled with chocolate and romance novels and things that ladies like. Did I mention the free alcohol and food samples?

I lurved so many of the tables. All the "pretty pretties" glittered and sparkled and smelled so good. It was like going to a store without children whining about what they want. (take a moment to envision that -- i know, it sounds so good!). If Shecky's has an event in your town, I would recommend getting a gaggle of girls together and going (just make sure there's a DD with you).

I have to give some shout outs. There were a few tables that really caught my eye.

Peace.Love.Mom - Pretty t-shirts and accessories that celebrate mom-hood. If you lurve being a mommie like me, you'll really like what they have to offer.
Cabot Creamery - CHEESE! Need I say more? Extra sharp cheddar was sooo good! The reduced fat cheddar was good too, but why oh why take out the fat?! It's CHEESE!
Bath By Riley - I am not gonna lie. My friends and I were rubbing our hands the entire night! The hand candies made our skin so soft! I bought a ton of them and put them in a pretty canister in my bathroom. I ended up giving Ma Mere some so now need more! I see their website getting a lot of usage in my house!
Bar Boys Technically not a table, but the roaming "bar boys" were a great touch (not that I touched them). No one had to wait for a drink, the drinks came to us!

(Deep Sigh). It was nice having a life, even if it was only for a little while. Perhaps I can have a life again sometime soon.


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