But The GPS Said To Turn Left!!

My original reason for blogging was just to talk. I wanted to have a voice and say something. Sometimes it would be funny (if only in my head) and sometimes it would be serious. Blogging was my only platform. It was my only platform because I didn't take the time to sit down, weave the words together into chapters and the chapters into books. Blogging for me, was easier and quicker and didn't require book cover art. Blogging allowed me to hide instead of yell out who I am. I practiced safe blogging so that no one could critique what I wrote. I changed names to protect the innocent (well, mainly to protect me). And that worked very well for quite some time.

Then I started to write books. I sat down, put yarn on the loom and began to write all kinds of gooey, goopy, hot and steamy words. And when I had written a lot of words I wrote THE END and put it on the shelf. Then, I started another group of words, even steamier than the first. This one will be one that I will force the world to read. Yep, I'm going to club people over the head and force them to read love stories.

Which brings me to my prior hiatus.

Writing and blogging at the same time can be difficult. You want to do your best with both things. You feel guilty about not blogging because you were writing and then you feel guilty because you took time away from writing to blog. And Lord help you if you take time away from either to have a life outside. You feel guilty all the way around and you poor people miss out, you know, all three of you.

Since blogging can be an ugly mistress, I am going to try to do better with my blogging. I'm going to attempt to spend more time with her, tell her how pretty she is and buy her nice things (like better clip art and stuff). But I am going to ask her to change just a little bit. You know, the way you tell your boyfriend that you love him just the way he is and then grumble once you're married and tell him to pick up his own damned underwear -- the same underwear you've picked up for 4 years.

I'm going to include more about writing and how it affects my life. Yes, I'll still mention the light hearted randomness that goes on in my life. I hope you find it just as enjoyable 'cause I'll be just as snarky but in a more focused direction.

Well, maybe. Once can never really tell, can you?

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