Mid Year Assessment

At work I am preparing for my mid year assessment. That's where you, your boss and perhaps someone else that might be a reporting supervisor or team member or something else that has stuff to say about you, sit down and talk about the good, bad and ugly so far for the year. Also, you have to plan for how to complete the goals that you set December 2009 by December 2010.

Okay, I'll bite. Here's my 2010 mid year blog assessment.

1. It's September and I'm doing my mid year assessment. Need anything else on that? Nope? Didn't think so. I give myself a B considering I didn't even think to do a "self" self assessment in June or July.

2. I worked on my 101 in 1001 a little bit. Could I have done better? You bet your sweet patootie. Am I ashamed of what I've done so far? Nope! What can I do to prepare for December 2010? Finish some of the damned list - duh! I'm at 28%, I should be able to get to 35% by then. I give myself a B-.

3. Commenting on other Blogs - Well commenting on new blogs? D. Commenting on my blogger buddies blogs? B. What can I do better? Well I guess surf the net and find new blogs. Not sure that I have that kinda time though. We'll see.

4. Blog Content - Well, I think I'm funny. Even if YOU don't think I am, I think I am (how do you capitalize a capital I? Like that sentence for instance. I capped the YOU but you can't tell that I capped the I. Ponder that, will you?). Oh, and I've begun adding pictures to almost every post. That's pretty good, right? I give myself a B. I may not blog often but the stuff that I blog about is quality. Really, well kinda, but I give myself a B anyway. What can I do to improve? Well, my first order of business is to find out how to do that hover think where when you hover over a word or phrase you can see that the blog author wrote something really snarky or insightful. I'm gonna ask CG if she can help with this. And perhaps I can steal a more exciting life. Then I'd have 'funner' things to talk about.

5. Blog Look - I tried to change the color and stuff a few weeks ago. Then I got bored and stopped. I added a twitter feed. Doesn't that count? No. Okay. I give myself a C. I'll change the color or something later.

Much like my work assessment, I give up after 5. I can't think that hard and still stay awake. At work I wrote 5 reasonably reachable goals and the boss man gave me another one. Feel free to give me a 6th one bloggie friends. Not sayin I'm gonna do anything with it, but fire away.

Oh, yeah, are we getting blog-raises this year? Is it too soon to ask about it? Okay, just wondering.


  1. Great post. I love the idea of giving yourself a review. I can totally relate to some of the things you struggled with as well. And I think your blog looks great!

  2. Thanks! I took a look at your blog and it made me very, very hungry! I'm thinking lime cookies are on my "to do" list. I'll post when I make them!!