Who Needs A Fingertip?

You can't see it from the picture but I cut the hell outta my finger. This is 24 hours later. I couldn't take a picture as it was happening because, duh, I was bleeding. I didn't stop bleeding for an hour. I told The Princess to call Ma Mere if I passed out from blood loss. I don't think she cared.

I was trying to cut a pre-cut (shut up) bagel (for The Princess) and accidentally cut my finger tip damned near off instead. I dropped the bagel on the floor and ran to the sink to run it under cold water. That stung like hell!! I tried to apply pressure using towels and only succeeded in cause a laundry nightmare for myself.

And living with this type of injury isn't easy. I tried to put on my shirt with a towel wrapped around my still bleeding finger and got blood all over the damned place. The Princess had to snap my bra for me. I think she vomited a little in her mouth (Well, "the girls" can't make everybody's day). It's also hard to put on and zip up pants while trying to keep ice, in a towel, while wrapped around your hand. And curling your hair? My hair looked like hot shyt yesterday.

Typing without that finger? Damned near impossible. Good thing that only 95% of my job requires it! Lotioning the left foot? Not today! I have one lotioned foot and one ashy one. Deodorant? Only on the left side sista sue! I'd keep away from the right side of me if I were you.

But today is better. My finger is properly wrapped (thanks sis). And I can actually do things again. I can't use the "F" or "T" keys properly yet and I can't dig a booger.

But I'm working on it.

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