She's Leavin' On A Jet Plane...

I did it. I put the Princess on a bus for "away camp" this morning. Nope -- I didn't cry. I was kinda sad but I didn't cry. She'll only be gone for a week. Perhaps if it was longer I would have cried.

And she is super stoked about it! And why wouldn't she be? A welcome cookout on Tuesday, bonfire/smores night Wednesday (and that's after open mic time), minor league baseball game Thursday night (but not before the scavanger hunt) -- oh and did I mention pizza party everynight at 11pm? Hell, I want to go!

And so what am I going to do this week? Well, I've got it all planned out (it's the way we mommies roll).

Tonight I'm going to dinner with friends -- at 7pm! I know! That's practically bed time!! I cannot remember the last time I went to dinner that late ON A SCHOOL NIGHT!! Yep, I'm pretty proud of my little bad self.

Wednesday night? Brace yourself -- dinner again! Some of the same friends, a few different ones. We're meeting at a different restaurant and a bit earlier this time (6:30pm) but a lighter dinner. It's Mexican meal night and I plan to sit on the patio and drink margaritas. Well, perhaps only two. I do have to go to work the next day.

Thursday night? Quiet night snuggling. Someone has offered to make dinner for me and I have graciously accepted. I see a long night on the porch, sipping a nice wine.

Fri-day? I get to "work from home". That means pj on, laptop up and watching TV from the back porch.

It may not seem like a lot going on to you but to a super mommie, it's a hell of a lot!

I hope you have fun Princess. I know Mommie will.

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