Books, books and more books

The Princess sure knows how to keep her mommie on her toes.

This morning I was driving her to school and she was telling me that her library book needed to be renewed. I told her that she was born into a family of readers and she should be able to read a "chapter book" in three weeks; that she should not have to renew it. I could read a book a week when I put my mind to it. She should be able to read one in three weeks.

"In fact for 2010 you are going to read 2 books a month,"I told her.

"Yes ma'am, you will have read 24 books by the end of December 2010."

She was very quiet in the backseat and I could see that her head was down. I took this as a sign of mommie victory. I smiled and continued the drive.

"Mommie?" she asked.

"Yes?" I answered.

"We're a reading family?"

"Yes we are."

"So I have to read 24 books in a year?"


"Did you know 24 X 2 = 48?"

"Yes." (The kid was throwing me off with math).

"So maybe you can read 48 books in a year."

"Huh?" I asked, stunned. What was she saying?

"If I read 24 books before you read 48 books, you take me to dinner and if you read 48 books before I read 24 books, I'll take you to dinner."

I looked in the rear view mirror. The smile on her face filled the back seat. She had challenged me to a duel! I know I said that I could read a book a week. That didn't mean that I wanted to. But what choice did I have now? I couldn't walk away from a 48 book challenge!

"Fine. That's a bet."

Apparently I'll be reading a lot in 2010. I have a bet to win.

I think The Princess stole my mommie manual and tricked me.

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